8 Funny (and useful) expressions with food in Spanish

learn spanish online Apr 29, 2021

Spanish is full of wonderful expressions that are used in day to day life at an informal level. Expressions are a rich part of a language and being able to use them will help you communicate like a truly native speaker.

Today, I’m bringing you 8 fun expressions related to food, where the real meaning could be guessed in some, but certainly not in others  and unless you are familiar with them, you’ll feel a bit lost in the conversation!


1. Tener mala leche

“To have bad milk”- To be bad tempered

Ex. No me gusta esa tienda, el dueño tiene mala leche - I don’t like that shop, the owner is bad-tempered.


 2. Ir pisando huevos 

“To step on eggs” - To be extremely slow

Ex. Venga, vas pisando huevos, ¡así no vamos a llegar nunca! - Come on, you’re too slow, we’ll never get there!


3. Estar como una sopa 

"To be like a soup" - To be soaking wet.

Ex. Quiero llegar a casa, estoy como una sopa - I want to get home, I’m soaking wet.


 4. Pedirle peras al olmo 

“To ask for pears from an elm tree” - To ask for something impossible.

Ex. Eso no va a pasar... es pedirle peras al olmo. That's not going to happen… it’s asking the impossible.


5. Ser la media naranja 

“To be the half orange” - To be your soulmate.

Ex. Ana está enamoradísima de Juan, es su media naranja - Ana is truly in love with Juan, he’s her soulmate.


6. ¡Vete a freir espárragos! 

"Go and fry asparagus" - Get lost!

Ex. Ya está bien, ¡vete a freir espárragos! - Enough, get lost!


7. Ser un chorizo 

"To be a chorizo sausage!" - To be a thief.

Ex. Ese político es un chorizo, le cogieron robando - That politician is a thief, they caught him stealing.


8. Ponerse (rojo) como un tomate 

“To become (red) as a tomato” - To blush.

Ex. María es muy tímida y cuando tiene que hablar en público se pone (roja) como un tomate - Maria is really shy and when she has to speak in public she blushes.


What's your favourite? Mine is... “vete a freir espárragos” 😂


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