🤧5 super useful expressions for when you have a cold!

spanish culture Feb 03, 2022

Now that it's the cold season, it’s almost unavoidable to get a cold or something of the likes and the uncomfortable symptoms that come with it… 

And while you’re going through it, there will likely be some talking about it whether with family, friends or even at work.

And this is such a great topic for small talk in Spanish too!

Because in Spain, people generally discuss their health and symptoms quite happily and openly. This is a bit of a cultural difference compared to other countries like the UK for example, but in Spain, as soon as there is a small degree of familiarity, people will happily talk about it… sometimes in a lot of detail! 😂

But even if you don’t want to discuss it in detail, it is very useful to know the most common phrases and expressions used in Spain when you have a cold. They will help you sound a lot more natural in Spanish!

Watch out though, because one of the most commonly used expressions is a false friend with English! (looks and sounds very similar, but means something totally different and can cause a hilarious misunderstanding)

We tell you all about it in this week’s video, where we also include 5 fantastic and super useful phrases and expressions for all levels:


By the way… do you know what to say when someone sneezes in Spain? 🤧

Well, we say either “jesús” (heh-soos) or salud (sah-lood)!

Cuídate (take care),



P.S. For more small talk, watch our popular video "Talking about the weather" in Spanish which covers all the key vocabulary and expressions that you would need to master this topic!



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