Cool Spanish Expressions

spanish culture Feb 11, 2021

Learning a few Spanish phrases will definitely help you fit in with the locals and make you sound more natural and native. 

Expressions are an excellent example of how rich a language is beyond the more formal and grammatically correct uses. They offer us insights into the culture of the people speaking that language and are an important part of its heritage.

Today I want to bring you a selection of some cool and commonly used expressions in Spanish:

  •  Meter la pata “To put one's foot in it” (To mess something up)
    •  Luis siempre mete la pata y dice algo inapropiado en las reuniones familiares… (Luis always messes up family meetings by saying something inappropriate)
  •  El mundo es un pañuelo “the world is a handkerchief” (small world)
    • ¡Qué coincidencia, el mundo es un pañuelo! ( What a coincidence, small world!)  
  •  Está para chuparse los dedos “It’s finger-licking good!”
    • El bizcocho está para chuparse los dedos (The sponge cake is delicious) 
  • Hay 4 gatos “There are 4 cats” (To say that there are very few people)
    • Hay cuatro gatos en la playa hoy (There are very few people at the beach today)
  • ¡Es la leche! “It’s the milk!” (Both to express positive and negative feelings)
    • Marta es la leche, acaba de crear su propia empresa (Marta is amazing, she’s just created her own business)
    •  Mi hermano es la leche, llegó tardísimo y perdió el avión (My brother is a pain, he arrived really late and missed the plane)

Have you got a favourite? Make sure you put it into practice straight away!

Feliz día,


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