Useful Spanish Expressions with "Vuelta"!

learn spanish online Nov 11, 2021

Something that people often want to improve is learning more expressions, sayings and vocabulary, particularly at an intermediate level and beyond.


Because understanding the expressions and key words that you come across is crucial in building your confidence and competence so you’re not lost in the conversation and can quickly work out what’s being said and respond appropriately.


So, my question for today is... have you heard the word “vuelta” many times, but you’re not quite sure if you understand what it means because you’ve heard it in very different situations?


If the answer is yes, today's video will definitely bring you some clarity.


Vuelta comes from the verb “volver”, to return and the root meaning is associated with that. However, the word “vuelta” is part of different expressions which are very popular and the meaning is not so straight forward.


We explain it all in today’s video:

And whatever your level, I’m sure there’s something for you to take away! Click here to watch.

Have you come across other uses of this word and you're not sure what it means? Get in touch and let us know, we'd love to hear from you! 😃

¡Hasta pronto!


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