5 Cool Expressions in Spanish when it's super hot!

learn spanish online Jul 22, 2021

¡Qué calor! - It's so hot! ☀☀☀

Here in the UK we are going through a few days of very hot weather and we are delighted! It certainly makes us feel closer to Spain, enjoying the long warm evenings outdoors… Bliss!

 In Spanish, we have many expressions related to the heat. Here are 5 cool ones that you can practice straight away: 

1. Sudar como un pollo 

Literally, “to sweat like a chicken”! This expression comes from chickens being slowly roasted and releasing all the juices... So, if you’re feeling really hot and sweaty you can say “estoy sudando como un pollo”!


2. ¡Se puede freir un huevo en la calle!

Literally, you can fry an egg in the street!


3. Estar aplatanado 

To be “like a banana”, meaning to have no energy, to feel lethargic. So, if you were walking along in the middle of a very hot afternoon all hunched over with the sun beating down on your neck, you’ll likely feel “aplatanado” and your body shape resembling a banana! 🍌


4. ¡Qué bochorno! 

We use this expression when the heat is very intense, humid and suffocating. Often when it’s cloudy and feels particularly oppressive.


5 ¡Lo mejor del sol es la sombra!

The best of the sun is the shade! This expression is commonly used in Southern Spain, in Andalucía, where the heat is particularly strong and finding shade is essential to keep cool.


What is your favourite one? Have you got any others that you've heard before when it's particularly hot? Get in touch and let us know!


Feliz día,


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