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Connect is our fantastic beginners programme that takes you from zero (or little Spanish) to real conversations so you can thrive and hugely enjoy the real Spain and its incredible lifestyle!

Do you love Spain and you want to connect with the place and the people more authentically?

Would you like to speak Spanish naturally and confidently, but…

You just don’t know how to make it happen?

  • Perhaps your life is really busy and you've been putting it off.
  • Perhaps you’ve even tried learning it before, but found the progress too slow and the task ahead overwhelming.
  • Perhaps the idea of classroom and textbook learning doesn’t motivate or inspire you.
  • Perhaps you might have even tried the 10 min per day app, but just can’t see yourself having real conversations with Spanish people purely following that route. 
  • Perhaps you believe you are too old to learn a language.

You’ve tried saying a few stuttered words, but you feel so self-conscious and frustrated because you really want to speak to these people and not just rely on them speaking English to you…

You’re in the right place.


Some people spend years or even decades trying to learn a language, frequently giving up frustrated after investing so much of their time...

But there is really no need! 

Because when you cut through all the unncessary bits and focus on building the language for practical conversations, everything changes.

It is our mission to fast-track you and give you the tools for speaking Spanish from day 1 in a straight-forward and enjoyable way inside our beginners programme Connect.


How would it feel to…

  • Travel around Spain feeling confident that you can have everyday conversations?
  • Walk into that restaurant, where the smell of food and lively atmosphere instantly fill you with excitement, and confidently book a table and order the delicious food you’ve been dying to try?
  • Get involved in small group conversations
  • Break the language and cultural barriers, integrate in your community and feel like you belong?
  • Discover an energy for learning Spanish from within that you never knew you had?
  • Cut the frustration...and start getting results?


We did it, our learners are doing it, and you can do it too.

Tracy Alexander

The fact that I just couldn’t grasp languages at school, even though I did pretty well in other subjects made me believe I just didn’t have ‘the right type of brain’ to easily learn a language.  I decided at 40 to push myself to learn something new and as we go to Spain often. Straight away Cristina made me feel comfortable and also helped me see that it was the way languages are taught in school that just didn’t work for me! It’s not too late to learn a language! 

Judy Davis

I love learning Spanish with Cristina! Working with her has helped me tremendously to build confidence and improve my Spanish-speaking skills. Cristina quickly assessed my learning style and interests, which kept my motivation strong. Her approach to teaching is very personalized; she always asks for input for how I best process new information. You can count on Cristina to be a supportive and intuitive teacher.

Ray Martin

From the beginning, I felt very well taken care of by Cristina. She had a high level of awareness of me and the challenges a student faces when learning something new. She was always observing and checking with me to see that the pace was right. I would recommend this programme to anyone who is new to Spanish, and especially to people who think they are 'no good' at learning languages.

Learning Spanish is not about boring lessons, random and complicated study of the language…


Before finding us, many of our students had already tried the 10 minute-a-day apps and other free resources or even traditional learning based courses, eventually coming to the realisation that they were blocked and not speaking as they were hoping. They were feeling frustrated and demoralised.

However, when you connect with your motivation, your interests and focus on the areas of the language that you are going to use from day 1, learning becomes intentional, enjoyable and purely focused on what matters. 

Connect gives you the tools that you need to kick-start and advance your Spanish in a natural way. It gives you proven strategies to follow, you will be speaking straight away and you can walk away with a solid foundation of the language.

You can thrive in Spanish…

Starting now.

So what is Connect?


Connect is our beginners programme to learn Spanish that will show you how to go from zero to having real conversations, giving you the framework for a robust base and the confidence to keep developing.

When you register, you’ll have access to our incredible membership site, which includes 33 bite-sized training videos that you will work through and can always refer back to, each with interactive workbooks.

You also get priority email support with Cristina who will answer all your questions making sure that the process is most efficient and tailored to your needs!

We took everything we know about learning languages (Spanish in particular!) from our years of experience and broke it down into a simple, easy to follow, and results-oriented coaching programme that will build your Spanish in a natural and practical way. 

Even if you already know the basics, but need some revision, gaining confidence, clarity and invaluable language tools and cultural insights, this programme is perfect for you.

NEW! We are now offering Connect as a self-paced course!!!



Connect Content Overview

Two Types of Investment

Connect with Coaching


£547.00 GBP
Payment Plan

3 monthly payments of £220.00 GBP

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Connect takes you step-by-step from zero to having real conversations in Spanish. There are 3 sections inside Connect:

In section one you learn the absolute basics so you can start speaking from day 1! This section is the perfect way to get you started and build your confidence while you learn very practical language. In this phase, you will... 

  • Know how to handle greetings and introductions confidently and appropriately so you're never out of place!
  • Master simple helpful phrases that will make your conversations a lot easier
  • Learn how to pronounce ALL Spanish words so everyone understands what you are saying easily
  • Make arrangements by getting the time and dates always right
  • Discover a top technique that will help you understand and be instantly understood
  • Learn the weather and enjoy small talk in Spanish!

This section will provide you with the tools that you need to lay a strong foundation as we look at the mechanics of the language in a simple and totally functional way. In this phase, you will...

  • Understand the basic building blocks of Spanish so that you can become self-sufficient with the language
  • Be able to talk about yourself, your family and daily life confidently
  • Know how to ask and answer questions easily
  • Recognise verb patterns and use them confidently
  • Discover a simple idea to never doubt when to use Ser & Estar. No more confusion guaranteed!
  • Realise how much you can say when you focus on just a few key bits!

In this section, your language will totally come to life as you incorporate more vocabulary and structures so you are able to have real conversations back and forth! In this phase, you will...

  • Navigate your way around a city or a town
  • Manage conversations in shops and restaurants
  • Converse with others about your likes, dislikes and favourite past times
  • Handle big numbers with ease
  • Be confident about your travelling and booking arrangements
  • Seek help and deal with medical problems and other emergencies
  • Discuss future plans

"The weekly videos and materials are really good. Not too large to feel swamped but also enough to take in and feel you can learn in small chunks. The programme has really helped me take small steps and understand how I learn. I wish Cristina and Pete lived with us for a year! I definitely recommend Connect" - D.S

We’ve helped hundreds of people who were stuck find clarity on how to approach learning Spanish and what to focus on to really make it work. And we can't wait to help you too!

Chris G.

The course has been very very helpful. It has given me more confidence in believing I can learn Spanish and be successful when we move there!

Sharon M.

Thanks Cristina and Pete, I want to live in Spain and this course has already got me a lot more motivated!

Dave M.

What stands out for me is that this course is not about "dry Spanish" you can find in other courses or on the internet. The tips and cultural explanations on how things work in Spain are priceless. I didn't realise how much I didn't know!

What makes Connect different?

There are so many online courses for learning Spanish right now. Connect is different. Here’s why:



Unfortunately, many  teachers and courses don't focus on speaking from day 1. People spend years and years trying to reach the fluency that they want, but focusing on reading, writing, learning more grammar and vocabulary eventually reaching a point that they know that it's not working. Because if you want to speak, there's no way around it... You have to speak! That's why Connect doesn't focus on the study of the language following a textbook style - we show how to speed the process so you're not forever learning hoping to be fluent one day - Instead, you'll be speaking with the locals and enjoying Spain!


Cristina trained as a Neurolanguage Coach®, a methodology which combines principles from neuroscience and coaching for more efficient learning. We know from neuroscience that the more real, personal and relevant something is, the faster we learn it. It makes sense, right? The brain is a powerful, energy-saving machine which will not waste time and energy memorising stuff that doesn’t feel like it’s going to serve any purpose. Instead, it really focuses on paying attention and remembering that which is real (that’s why you would remember the words that your future father in law said to you when you were trying to help him with the “jamón carving” much more easily than the language used in a textbook dialogue… Ha!)


You’re not alone in this process. We’re with you every step of the way. This programme not only gives you the content you need, but also employs coaching techniques to fuel your success. And because you get priority email support, we've got you covered :-) 


And can work at your own pace! Every module and topic has been carefully crafted so you get everything that you need, without being overwhelming and allowing you enough time to process and work through the information with a good level of momentum. It also provides structure and guarantees that you are not missing key content in your foundation-building  phase. 


Several times! We have both learned different languages; in the traditional way with far less efficient results and over a long period of time... And we have also learned following a more relevant, natural and meaningful approach with radically different outcomes. We bring you here what we and our learners have tried and tested and know works best.


We give you the language that you will need, reduced to the essentials for quick and easy conversations to begin with and chunked down so your brain processes it easily, AND we help you work on your mindset, your motivation and the strategies that you need to become a resourceful and self-driven learner.


We are so passionate about the opportunities and experiences that speaking Spanish can give you that we have created this programme so you can have access to them too! 

We save you serious time... and frustration


Enjoy Connect at your own pace



Karen A.

Thank you so much Pete and Cristina for this course, I want to retire in Spain and what you teach is so useful and practical.

Paul S.

I'd been trying to learn Spanish for years, but the way you guys present it makes so much sense, I'm excited to continue now.

Amy F.

I love the videos, thank you Pete and Cristina for putting this course together!

You can access all of this inside:

  • 35 easy to digest modules which guide you step-by-step to build a solid foundation in Spanish
  • 33 on-demand video trainings with accompanying interactive PDF workbooks
  • 2 audio trainings with full transcripts and translations, grammar notes and vocabulary
  • A start to finish process that will take you from zero (or little Spanish) to real conversations
  • Invaluable language and cultural insights from a native Spanish speaker and an English speaker that has made this journey already

Connect gives you everything you need to go from zero to having real conversations in Spanish.


  • You don't need to dedicate years of your life to study to get where you want to be.
  • Connect delivers the relevant content at this stage of your journey in a way optimised for you to take it in and use it from day 1.
  • You don't need to struggle through boring and long-winded teaching materials.
  • Connect provides content in bite-sized chunks that you work through at a time best suited to you.
  • You don't need to drag yourself into a classroom each week, without a clear direction of where you are going or even want to be!
  • Connect is a coaching programme first and foremost. It will help you switch your mindset to become a resourceful, self-driven learner. Once you have that, you will be unstoppable!
  • You don't need to learn all the ins and outs of a language before you can start using it in real world situations.
  • Connect gives you  impactful and real life insights, taken from our years of experience with Spanish, that you won't find in any other course.
  • You're not alone, we support you along the way.

Enjoying unique experiences is right around the corner…

No more waiting. Your dreams can be closer than you think. Start building them now!