How to learn hundreds of Spanish words immediately

A top secret and really smart way to learn a language is looking at the language(s) that you already know and what they have in common with the language that you are trying to learn, in this case, Spanish.

We never really start from zero. In fact, without knowing it there are loads and loads of words that are exactly the same or very close.

With languages, I love the thought of having “a pool” (our native) or “pools” (if we know any other languages) where we store what we know. The brain keeps looking and checking for what it needs and brings it out so we can have conscious access to it.

So, an adult brain always tries to connect to existing information, that’s why it really makes sense to link it back to what you already know. The more bridges that we can create to assist in finding the information and bring “the pools” together, the easier and faster the brain will find it.

So, let’s build bridges to link and create new connections!

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