Do you know how you learn better?

learning styles Nov 04, 2020

It´s been a while since I´ve been thinking about this topic. It really puzzles me the thought that we´ve all been born absolutely unique and it is a fact that no two brains are the same, and yet, very little is explored about this uniqueness and its potential.

For a couple of years now I´ve been asking people if they knew how they learnt better… and it has been very interesting to witness most people's reactions as it seems they had never been asked before.

And I must admit that until not that long ago, I hadn't gone into this topic deep enough myself despite being in the language learning and teaching field for 20 years… And that just seems crazy!

I knew about different learning styles and multiple intelligences to take them into account and incorporate them into my planning. But to actually really reflect on me as a learner throughout my life and try to make connections, discover learning patterns and what has helped me learn and what...

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Helpful Spanish Phrases for Beginners

When I stumbled trying to speak English in the States,  I was desperate to find a new way. I knew it had to be possible...

But I was also TERRIFIED.

My failed attempts to communicate successfully to a number of people had left me totally demoralised (like the time when I was at a bank counter trying to explain that the cash machine had swallowed my bank card, and the lady at the window running out of patience and seeing that the queue behind me had started to build, looked over me and said “next”!)

However, despite the negative experiences, here are some of the things I’ve come to find out and appreciate: 

  • As a foreign speaker you’re always in a more vulnerable position. And that 's ok. Honestly, the best thing that you can do about it is to work on your mindset. And accept that it is only by getting out of your comfort zone that you get to grow, gain insights, get more enjoyment out of life and achieve what you want. Even if things are a bit...
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