Why is learning the alphabet so useful?

Typically, in a traditional Spanish course, the alphabet is presented in a mechanical way without explaining how powerful and useful spelling is.

But I would like to show you how handy it is to know the name of the letters in Spanish, especially the ones that are relevant to you, like your name and personal details! If you want to book a table or make an appointment of any type, you’ll need to say at least your name, your surname and perhaps other info like your address. 

And chances are they contain sounds that are unknown to the Spanish ear and therefore difficult to understand unless you spell it out for them. This is particularly true when you are talking on the phone!

But really, knowing the alphabet can assist you in lots of situations. 

For example, many times you may not understand a spoken word, but you can make sense of it when you see it written down as it may be familiar in some way. Perhaps it’s similar to English, another language that you already know, or maybe you’ve come across it before…

In any case, knowing the alphabet is a brilliant aid that you can use from day 1.

Watch this video from our Beginners course "Connect" where we cover “El abecedario” (the alphabet) and remember to learn first the letters that apply to your name and surname! :)

Espero que te guste (I hope you like it)


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