Ser... o Estar??? 🤔 No more confusion!

learn spanish online Jul 15, 2021

Knowing when to use “ser” and “estar” in Spanish can be confusing for most learners at different stages.

And traditional learning doesn’t help with the long lists of cases and examples for using one or the other.

However, there is a very simple way to know which to use… And it’s definitely NOT the permanent vs. temporary “rule” which is not reliable and causes serious confusion further down the line as I explain in today’s video. 

So, no more memorising long lists of complex and confusing categories for when to use one or the other, but rather understanding what each of them really describes.

When we understand this, we can feel confident that we are going to choose the right one! 

Watch the video and finally get to know when to use “ser” and “estar with ease.



P.S. Are there still examples where you’re not sure why one is used and not the other? Let us know and we’ll help you find some clarity 😀

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