Saber o Conocer... Made easy!

learn spanish online Dec 02, 2021

Do you find it confusing knowing when to use “saber” and when to use “conocer”? Do you often choose one, but are not really sure if it’s the right one?


If the answer is yes... then you’re definitely not alone!

This is one of the most common mistakes that I hear all the time and one of the questions that I get asked frequently. And it is totally understandable, because in English there’s only one verb “to know”, for both “saber” and “conocer”.


So, is it...

“¿Sabes a María?” or “¿Conoces a María?” 

“¿Sabes Tailandia? or “¿Conoces Tailandia?”


Mmmm 🤔


Find out in this video, where we explain in a quick and simple way when to use “saber” or “conocer” so you get immediate clarity. 


After watching this video you won’t mistake the two again!

Feliz día,



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