🤔👉Do you get confused with these verbs too?

learning strategies Jan 27, 2022

Quedar y quedarse…🤔Two super useful verbs in Spanish, but sometimes tricky to know which one to use and that can cause misunderstandings...

Do you find them confusing too?

In this week’s video, we look at the main use of each of them. Of course, these verbs have more, but confusion partly happens when we look at too many meanings at once!

(the brain is more likely to get overwhelmed and not integrate any at all)

Watch our video to get clear on what their main use is so you can start using them comfortably straight away!


And here are some tips on how to remember and practice the two:

1. Stick to the meanings that we talk about in the video until you feel confident (in different tenses and persons too) ie. we stayed, he will stay, I am meeting up with, etc. Once you are happy with these, incorporate other meanings. This is crucial so the meanings don’t get mixed up!

2. Think of real examples, any situations where you would use each of them. I cannot emphasize this enough as the more real and relevant something is, the faster we learn it. Whenever you’re planning to meet up with someone or stay somewhere… How would you say it in Spanish?

3. Put your examples into practice (ideally you have access to other Spanish speakers, but don’t worry if you don’t, you can always say it to yourself, out loud). Notice that out loud is the most important part here because even if you think that it’s perfect in your head and that you’ve got it, the connection between your brain and mouth requires both active practice and time. You need to train both… And even if you feel a bit crazy speaking out loud on your own, trust me, it works! 

4. Leave your examples under our video in YouTube and we'll be delighted to give you feedback 😃

Qué tengas un día genial,


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