La nevada de Madrid - Madrid's snowfall!

Last weekend there was a historic snowfall in Madrid and other parts of Spain as storm “Filomena” is making its way through the country. 

And as I was talking to friends and family, I realised that the conversations were full of wonderful expressions of surprise. Here are some of the most commonly used:

¡Qué pasada! - How amazing/incredible!

¡Madre mía! - Oh my goodness!

¡Ostras! - Literally “Oysters!” In Spanish used as an expression of deep surprise.

¡No me lo puedo creer! - I can't believe it!

Have you heard any of these before? They are all very common and natural ways of expressing surprise, amusement, excitement and even shock! 

Incorporating these to your vocabulary will help you sound natural and fluent :)

So, what next? Write these expressions in your "cuaderno" and find an opportunity to use them ASAP!

¡Hasta pronto!


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