😎👉How to speak Spanish confidently

Have you been studying Spanish for years, but still can’t speak? Is there a big gap between how much you know and how much you can say?

This is one of the most frequent difficulties that I come across.

And the interesting part is that most people including myself when I was learning English 🤭... think that the reason why they don’t speak better is because “they need to know more” before they can finally put it all together and speak more confidently.

More grammar, more vocabulary, more expressions… 

Do you think so too?

Well, in today’s video we explain the reason why that is not the case and what you need to focus on instead if you want to be more confident when speaking Spanish:

So, what are your small wins? 

Here's a simple, but very powerful exercise that you can do after a conversation in Spanish (no matter how big or little) to shift your focus and help you see your small wins. For example:

  • Did you use a different tense this time?
  • Did you remember a word that you’ve just recently learned?
  • Did you pronounce something correctly that you’ve been struggling with?

Remember that building positive memories gives you confidence. So make sure that you keep reflecting on the parts that go well when you speak and build your confidence from there. 

Then, once you acknowledge your small wins, think of what you want to improve next… Paso a paso (step by step)

Feliz día,


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