☕How to order coffee in Spain

¿Te gusta el café? - Do you like coffee? 

If the answer is yes, then Spain is the right place for you because Spaniards LOVE coffee! And knowing how to order coffee in Spain is an essential part of daily life.

Whether you’re on the go or have time to sit and enjoy a coffee in a local “cafetería” or “terraza” (definitely the preferred options in Spain), it is a good idea to know exactly what you’re ordering, and what your options are in case you want to change things now and again!

So, what types of coffee are most popular in Spain?


Café solo 

A strong espresso shot, typically taken after the main meal in the middle of the day. It is sometimes offered instead of a dessert as part of a "menu del día".


Café largo (Americano)

This is the closest to filtered coffee that you’ll find in Spain.



This is an espresso with a splash of steamed milk.


Café con leche

Literally, "coffee with milk" is probably the most popular coffee served in Spain. A bit stronger than a “latte”.


Café con hielo

Espresso with ice, this is ice coffee the simple way. You’ll get two cups, one with coffee (espresso) and one with ice cubes. Simply pour the coffee into the glass with the ice and stir. If you want it with milk, just ask for a “café con leche, con hielo”.


Café bombón

This is a mixture of condensed milk and espresso… Perfect if you’ve got a sweet tooth!



This is espresso mixed with brandy! (whisky and rum are popular substitutes too)



Decaffeinated coffees are common in Spain. The waiter will usually ask if you want it ‘de máquina‘ or ‘de sobre‘, meaning “from the machine” or “from a sachet”. Don’t forget to ask "con leche" if you want it with milk.


Now, how do you ask for a coffee in Spanish? 🤔 The equivalent to "can I have a coffee, please?"

Well, it's super easy as all you need to say is “un” (a) then whatever coffee you want and then “por favor”. 

So, “un cortado, por favor” 

However, if you want to sound completely natural, you must know that most Spaniards won’t include the “por favor” as “por favor” doesn’t have the same “polite” meaning as it does in English.

They’d just say… “Un café con leche”

And then add “cuando puedas” (when you can, when you’re ready) and that shows politeness and consideration.

You can find more on Spanish politeness and the use of “por favor” in Spain in this article.

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