😖Expressing frustration in Spanish without being rude!

learn spanish online May 26, 2022

Finding the correct Spanish words to express anger and frustration without being rude or sounding inappropriate is definitely an important skill to have.

And in your quest to speak fluent Spanish, you’ll need to equip yourself with common words that allow you to express your feelings and thoughts appropriately.

So, I’m sure today’s vocabulary will be very useful, whether you use it yourself or you recognise when someone is voicing anger and frustration in Spanish too!

The easiest way is by using the following formula:

👉Verb “estar” + an adjective

Por ejemplo:

Estoy harto/a de… - “I’m fed up with…”

Estoy harta del tráfico - "I’m fed up with the traffic"


Estoy enfadado/a - “I’m angry”

¡Estoy enfadado porque ha subido el precio de la gasolina otra vez! - "I’m angry because the price of petrol has gone up again!"


Estoy molesto/a - This is a false friend which means “I’m annoyed”

Estoy molesta porque siempre llegas tarde - "I’m annoyed because you’re always late"

Other ways of expressing frustration…

Ya basta/Basta ya - Enough!

Ya basta, estoy cansado de escuchar siempre lo mismo - "Enough, I’m tired of hearing the same all the time.”


Me da rabia - It bothers/bugs me

Me da rabia cuando necesito reiniciar el ordenador y empiezan a instalarse todas las actualizaciones! - "It bothers me when I need to restart the computer and all the updates start!"


Estar hasta las narices - To be sick of something (literally “To be up to the noses!”) similar to the English "I've had it up to here!"

Estoy hasta las narices de tener que cancelar planes - "I’m sick of having to cancel plans."


No estar de humor - To be not in the mood 

Mejor hablamos mañana porque no estoy de humor ahora - Better speak tomorrow because I'm not in the mood now.


So, next time you're annoyed, frustrated, fed up or sick of something, pause for a second and find a way to describe it in Spanish. You will have made great progress by being able to put into words what you're thinking and feeling.

¡Hasta pronto!



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