El día de Reyes - The day of the kings

spanish culture Jan 06, 2021

¡Feliz día de Reyes! (Happy Kings Day!)

Today is “el día de Reyes”, one of the most magical and special days for children (and adults) in Spain. The day that we open our presents and eat the delicious "Roscón de Reyes". And as we bring closure to the long Spanish Christmas celebrations, it seems like the perfect day to reflect on how the magic happens.

As I was growing up, I was always fascinated by the English language. Whenever I was on a family holiday in the Spanish “costas”, I would really pay attention to those speaking English around me. I rehearsed imaginary conversations in my head with them and I dreamed of what it would be like to live their lives in their country. And of course, my idols and crushes when I was 13 were “New kids on the block”, “Jason Donovan” and Rick Astley! Lol

Anyway, back to 2021, my reflection would be that our wishes and our focus become our purpose and when we turn that into action… We make things happen!

As I grew older I discovered how passionate about travelling and getting to know different cultures I am, so my purpose with English (and other languages after that) has been to be able to connect with people and understand their culture through learning their language.

Now, as we are beginning a new year, it is the perfect time to set goals and establish the purpose for which you are learning (or want to learn) Spanish.

So, what is your purpose with Spanish this year?


Wherever you are in the world, disfruta de este día mágico (enjoy this magical day).

Happy learning,


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