7 Skills To Master Spanish

learning strategies Jun 14, 2022

Many people think that learning another language is about studying the vocabulary, the rules, the expressions… 


And yes, that is absolutely necessary, but there are *often overlooked critical skills* that you need to make peace with and develop if you want to be fluent and competent.


Because once we start the journey, we usually find other unexpected challenges that we need to know how to overcome. Otherwise, they can slow us down, block us or even make us quit!


But we really don’t want that to happen. So, what does it really take to speak Spanish naturally and confidently?


Here are 7 powerful skills:

1. Focus on communication, not on mistakes or getting it perfect.


Remember energy flows where attention goes. If your attention is on mistakes, your brain will often freeze when not sure how to say something as the focus is on “not making mistakes”. If your attention is on communication, your brain will relax and flow. This is an excellent place for learning and expanding the language 😉


2. Understand the reasons why you get nervous and blocked. 

This is a big one. We’re all unique and our past learning experiences can affect the way we approach this later in life. But everything can be turned around once you understand what’s blocking and holding you back. You will be completely free and unstoppable!


3. Align your learning with content that you enjoy.


If you’re trying to learn uninspiring vocabulary and irrelevant topics to your life, chances are that your engagement and motivation will drop. However, when you focus on what is real and relevant to you and align your learning with it, your Spanish will develop much quicker.


4. Build the language in relevant chunks.


Similarly, there’s no point in learning lists of vocabulary or verbs as the brain sees that as an overwhelming task. Instead, focus on relevant chunks of language because they help you predict the meaning and process language in real time.


5. Leave your comfort zone regularly.


Speaking another language is a huge act of bravery! It requires us to leave our comfort zone and be exposed, but when you detach yourself from the “I’m being tested” mindset, everything changes. The majority of people that you will come across will be appreciative of your efforts and will understand that you are learning.

6. Be consistent.


Learning a language is, in many ways, like being fit. If you exercise regularly you see progress and results, but if you stop, everything goes. It’s better to do a little bit everyday, than doing a lot one day and then not doing anything for a while. So, build consistency by incorporating as much Spanish as you can in your daily life and you will see quicker results.


7. Enjoy the journey!


Think about it as a game and have plenty of fun along the way. Laugh at your mistakes, then take notes of them and try again. It’s no big deal… Unless it’s a really funny mistake, in which case you tell everyone about it and laugh even more! 🤣🤣

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