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Have you been studying for a while, but still don't speak Spanish with the fluency and confidence that you'd like to?


A language is huge and trying to learn it can be overwhelming and frustrating. There is so much vocabulary, expressions and grammatical rules to remember that it's easy to become discouraged. And over time, despite your efforts, you start doubting whether you'll ever speak Spanish fluently... Not to mention keeping up with a Spanish conversation!

Does this sound like you?

You struggle to find the words and speak in real time

Spoken Spanish is so fast that by the time you've worked out what's been said and thought of something to say the conversation has moved on!

You're frustrated at your lack of progress

You've been studying Spanish for a while, but have lost your motivation and can't see how you'll ever be fluent. You're stuck and this is affecting your confidence.

The Spanish is all there in your head

But when you try to use it, it just won't come out! Putting it all together with the right words at the right time seems impossible.


I help people turn this situation around.


When you have a clear plan and someone to guide you, you know what to focus on and advance much quicker. Our methodology is based on 3 pillars:


✔️ Speak from day 1. Start with the end in mind. You want to get better at speaking Spanish, then you need to speak more Spanish! 

✔️Accelerate your learning. By breaking the language down and focusing on what you need right now to improve your Spanish, you stop wasting your time and make progress like never before. 

✔️ Develop tools to become fluent. Transform your journey by learning proven tools and techniques that you can apply straight away to develop your fluency.

People are always amazed at how quickly they make progress with this method:

I have achieved my goal of being able to have natural conversations with my Spanish friends!

"I was getting bored with my ’normal’ lessons as I was not progressing and felt stuck. After 3 years learning Spanish, I still didn't have the confidence or know how to have a very basic conversation when in Spain.I feel much more confident now. I have achieved my goal of being able to have natural conversations with my Spanish friends! I find I'm not struggling to find the words, most of the time they just come naturally and I am much more fluent. Also, without Cristina's knowledge of all things Spanish there are many words, sayings, traditions and customs I would never have fully understood the meaning and would miss so much. Many people have commented how my Spanish has progressed over this year! ". Kaye Stephenson

I started as a very basic beginner and have progressed rapidly!
"My experience with Cristina has been an entirely outstanding experience.  I started as a very basic beginner level and have progressed rapidly! Truly, this is because of Cristina. What makes Cristina so good?  She understands how the brain learns languages and how this can vary from person to person. She is always looking to connect your interests to the process of learning Spanish.  This is highly effective in helping to learn the language. She is also super encouraging. Its incredibly easy to feel frustrated learning a language but every single time we have a lesson, I come away with a new sense of dedication. Finally, our lessons are just plain fun.  Cristina is always very upbeat and positive. And we laugh - a lot!  I cannot overstate my recommendation for Cristina". Chris McGhee
In just a few months Cristina has brought me to a level in my Spanish that I never thought would be possible!
"I started with Cristina at a beginner level not being able to communicate, understand and of course the grammar I always seemed to dread. I had tried learning using books and online using traditional methods but I  was not improving and felt like i was stuck in one spot. In just a few months Cristina has brought me to a level in my Spanish that i never thought would be possible. There were times i felt deflated but Cristina has the energy to raise you back up and move forwards and upwards. I am now at 'high intemediate level moving to advanded', communicating, understanding and loving every minute of this wonderful journey". Janet Huseyin
I cannot believe how far I have come; I now have the confidence to speak to Spanish speakers and not feel self-conscious about it.

“I had absolutely no confidence in my abilities to speak Spanish to anyone, this filled me with dread as there was only so far I could go with the app. I remember struggling to find the courage to contact Cristina but I am so glad I did!  I booked a taster session first and prior to that session I was so nervous about making a fool of myself.  Well, I need not have worried because Cristina made me feel so relaxed. I have now completed my first 20 sessions and I can honestly say I cannot believe how far I have come; I now have the confidence to speak to Spanish speakers and not feel self-conscious about it. My confidence has grown so much.  I still get things wrong, but Cristina has taught me that it’s ok to get things wrong sometimes, you truly learn from your mistakes. Thank you Cristina." Nicola Axenderrie


Enhance Your Spanish

5 sessions

This programme is ideal to troubleshoot a specific area that is holding you back. We analyse your case, identify your priorities and design a plan so you can communicate straight away in that situation. E.g. speaking in the past, shopping or going to the doctors in Spain.

Speak With Confidence

10 sessions

If you want to speak Spanish naturally and effortlessly, you need to be confident in how you speak (no matter your level). In this 10 session programme, we unlock the doors that are blocking your progress. There will be no stopping you!

Boost Your Fluency

20 sessions

Imagine having natural conversations in Spanish about… pretty much anything that you want to talk about!. In this programme, we boost your fluency by helping you feel relaxed in fun conversations. Ready to commit to learning Spanish? You will see great results!

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But what is language coaching?


The word "coaching" is everywhere in recent years, but what does it really mean and how do I apply it to learning Spanish?


✔️It means that I'm on your side, that I'm here to support and guide you on your journey, but you're in the driver's seat!

✔️We uncover how you learn, what you're going to use Spanish for and take action straight away so you get the fastest results.

✔️By understanding how the brain learns best, the process is much easier and enjoyable for you.

✔️You'll be amazed at how fun learning Spanish can be!

Cristina helped me to actually work out what my problems were, what was causing me to stumble and helped me achieve the most important thing of all - to lose my anxiety with the language.

"If like me, you’ve been studying for a while, but anxiety floods you when you actually try to speak with no preparation, creating a complete mental block, then you know exactly where I was at! The best way I can describe Cristina is like a friendly, encouraging Spanish language coach.  I discovered that once my nerves had gone, I could access a lot more of my knowledge and gradually my ability is improving. Thanks Cristina! Worth every penny!!" Isabel R.

I can now converse fluently and understand almost any accent.
I had just started a new job and the primary language spoken was Spanish and although I had some previous Spanish background, I really struggled to understand them. I remember feeling so overwhelmed by the speed at which they were talking and all of the vocabulary that I simply did not understand yet.  Within the first week of starting with Cristina she had already identified the problem and devised a plan to help me improve. This helped me tremendously and I noticed a difference in my understanding of my co-workers right away.  
Thanks to Cristina I am happy to say that I converse fluently in Spanish with native speakers and can understand almost any accent. My communication has become so much easier at work and I feel like I can finally say I speak Spanish! Sydney Diaz
Cristina helps me find ways of unlocking doors that block my progress.
"I didn't want a Spanish 'teacher', in the traditional sense. I used to be an English language teacher, I currently live in Spain and I have a strong understanding of how learning works. So I wanted support from a coach, with whom I could agree and plan my learning journey, rather than being led through a pre-existing syllabus. Cristina advises and guides me in the use of language, to help me level-up, but also gently pushes and "nags" me a bit to help me stay focused amid the distractions and pressures of life! She also helps me find ways of unlocking doors that block my progress. Cristina is friendly, enthusiastic and professional, with a clear coaching mindset and excellent language awareness. I enjoy our lessons and conversations, I look forward to them, and I feel like I've made really good progress". Richard Whiteside
Working with Cristina has led to faster than expected progress, more engagement and motivation to learn more!
"After trying a number of traditional textbook based courses I have found that working with Cristina towards my own individual goals and targets has been really engaging and much more successful. A key aspect that Cristina puts at the centre of the journey is focussing on the learning process itself and my mindset, stepping back from the material and content and thinking about how you take on the information and the positive steps forwards.  Acknowledging the progress is great, but seeing the results in the real world really make things sink in and by being more active in conversations, interacting in a more relaxed and natural way and finding your ‘Spanish Voice’ is fantastic and a feeling that makes the hard work all worthwhile". Daven Masri

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